MBR Principles and Priorities 2017
Strengthening Massachusetts' Long-term Economic Vitality Report
Principles of a State Economic Development Strategy
MBR's Economy Policy

Massachusetts must invest in its competitive advantages, such as human and intellectual capital, the physical health of its workforce, and the outstanding quality-of-life. At the same time, public policy must refocus on those areas of competitive disadvantage, such as high costs of doing business, complex government structures that are costly and cumbersome, and the perceived negative attitude toward business. In doing so, MBR believes the state’s long term economic vitality will be strengthened; innovation, investment and job creation will be encouraged; and Massachusetts will become a more highly-desirable place to do business.


Value Proposition
MBR applies the strategic perspective of its membership to assist the Commonwealth’s elected and appointed leaders in resolving complex public policy issues in ways that strengthen the state’s long-term social and economic prosperity. In order to enhance that perspective, MBR members are provided access to an influential network of public officials and business leader peers; educated on state public policy issues; provided a forum to formulate and influence public policy; and charged with defining the public policy agenda for MBR to pursue through research and advocacy.

Strategic FrameworkMBR’s strategy to achieve its mission and goal—our Competitiveness Agenda—is based on a simple and fundamental principle: public policy should invest in the state’s competitive advantages and refocus on its disadvantages.

Make Massachusetts a
Highly-Desirable Place to
do Business
Invest in Competitive Advantages
Re-Focus on Competitive Disadvantages
  • Cost of Doing Business
  • Complexity (Cost of Doing Government)
  • Perception of Business Climate
Influential Network
Issues Education
  • MBR Board Meetings
  • Periodic Meetings with Upper Levels of State Government
  • Updates on MBR and State Policy Activity
  • Issue Specific Summits
Forum to Formulate and Influence Policy



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