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Roundtable Joins Coalition for Health Coverage & Care
Principles for the Implementation of Health Care Payment Reform in Massachusetts

Health Care
Health care in Massachusetts is one of the state's great competitive advantages. The Commonwealth is home to some of the most highly rated health care providers and health plans in the country; it has near universal access for its citizens to the health care system; and it enjoys a generally healthy population. However, the high cost of health care in Massachusetts is a competitive disadvantage, and both premiums and health care spending are growing at unsustainable rates for a large number of employers.

Over the past decade, MBR, through its Health Care Task Force, has made market-based recommendations in a series of reports that promote a three-pronged strategy to address the unsustainable increases in health care costs over the long-term. MBR is advocating for a comprehensive strategy by employers, employees and state government to control escalating health care costs while maintaining the strength of our health care sector across the state.

Health Care Principles
A Healthier Bottom Line: Distilling Best Practices in Corporate Wellness 
Business Community Participation in Health Reform: The Massachusetts Experience
Framework for Reform



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